Can Fish Breathe Underwater

How do fish breathe inside the water! Do they breathe like us? And how to get the oxygen? We Will answer your questions in this video.

Discovery Science

It is home for the thought provocateur, the individual who is unafraid to ask the killer questions of “how” and “why not.”. With our Shows, you will explore the Universe, Planets and the Solar system; you will see the paradoxes of Nature, we ask the questions and try to answer it.


Ramzi is a Jordanian man live in USA, he is in Advertisement business, Raji called him and wanted to make some TV commercials, download this movie to  see what happened

Nadine Sab - Habiby Batezer

Sometimes, you remember a funny scene that you watched in your favorite movie, and suddenly you just start laughing, or you start reacting the scene with your friends, now, you can receive all of these popular scenes from Melody directly to your cell phone.

Masmoo3 Religion library

Masmoo3 is a leading company for Arabic Audiobooks production and publishing. Masmoo3 aims to offer Arabic speakers an easy to access Digital Audio Library for Arabic Books, to increase the availability of knowledge, and to make listening to Arabic books and stories an interesting experience.

Al-Afasi 2

Watch Sheikh Mshari Rashed Al-Afasi with the best Nasheed and Prayers during Ramadan.


Watch Sheikh Mshari Rashed Al-Afasi with the best Nasheed and Prayers during Ramadan.

Ata o Atwa

Ata and Atwa are two youth characters express virtually the concerns of youth and youth problems and situations we live in our daily life, such as high prices and universities violence, online and social media and sports ...
Both presented in this comic series where people wait for their new comic episodes.



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